Wolf near Woodslee

by J.M.
(Woodslee, Ontario. Canada)

In early spring 2013 I was driving down a concession about 5 km's east of Woodslee, Ontario, when I saw what at the time, looked like the biggest Coyote I ever saw walking through a field.(and I've seen plenty).

It was approximately 150 - 200 feet away.

I stopped my vehicle and the animal also stopped with it's eyes fixed on me.

Then it started to pace back and forth side to side about 3 to 4 times the whole time never taking it's eyes off me until I drove away.

After a couple of days I never gave it much thought until I came upon this site.

I then realized judging by the size and height of the back (a Coyote being close to my knees and this thing closer to my hip) it was either a rumored super coyote (Coyote bred with a Wolf), or straight up Wolf.

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