White Squirrels

by L. Atkins, Daniel, Alaina
(Wyoming, Tweed, London)

White Squirrel

White Squirrel

L. Atkins from Wyoming wrote to say ..... I live in Wyoming, Ontario. We have a white Squirrel that visits our yard. It eats seeds and peanuts I put out. Looks happy and healthy. Other Squirrels don't bother it. I also had a white dove come to my feeders for a few days.

Alaina Hills from London wrote to tell us about her White Squirrel sighting in the Ausable River Conservation Area, she said ..... I was walking along the Ausable trail off Highway 21 just north of Northville, and spotted a white Squirrel in the trees!

Daniel from Tweed, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... It was in tweed where I saw a white Squirrel, I never saw one before, only black or brown, I was amazed about it. I don't have a picture but I have seen one.

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