White Squirrel Sightings

by Ann, Deacon, Kayla, Brian, Kevin, Steven, Patrick
(London, Queenston, Brampton, Meaford, Beaconsfield PQ, Belle River, Exeter, Clinton)

Ann from London said ... at first I thought it was a small cat but then I realized it was a white squirrel. He is living in a busy urban area, so hopefully he can stay safe.

Also from London, Deacon wrote ... I saw a white squirrel in Maitland two years in a row in London, Ontario.

Kayla wrote ... I had no idea white squirrels even existed until today. I was out for my daily run and this little fella came out of the trees to greet me. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it! My boyfriend would have loved to have seen this. He's from northwestern Ontario, where they rarely see black squirrels, which anyone from the Niagara region knows - we are overrun with them! Ha ha! Hopefully, I'll see him out tomorrow and I'll be able to snap a picture :)

Brian from Brampton reported ... we saw a white squirrel in our backyard in Brampton, Ontario, at the end of August 2015. This is the only such sighting by us.

A reader from Meaford wrote to say ... I saw a white squirrel climbing trees around a house for sale on my street in Meaford, Ontario in August 2015. I was driving so I didn't get a picture.

A reader from Belle River spotted three or four white squirrels next to the OPP station in the park.

Seven from Exeter observed ... I have seen a white squirrel in south Exeter at a park, while I was having a picnic.

Patrick wrote to say ... I have lived in the Goderich / Clinton area since 2006. The most common place to spot white squirrels is on the Exeter MacNaughton Morrison or Morrison Dam Conservation trails, however, I have also seen them in Seaforth and Clinton and even north of Clinton on Stone School Line. Unfortunately they have climbed away too quickly to take a good photograph of them.

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Dec 03, 2018
by: Frank

White colouration in any mammal or bird is rare; but it does occur. If the toes and eyes were pink, then this condition would be called, "Albino."
From this one photo, it appears that the eyes to be dark, which means this particular Squirrel has
a condition called, "Leucistic." Still a healthy animal. Thanks for sharing.

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