What is this Raptor?

by Anon

I was in my backyard about 4pm and I seen this bird-raptor soaring through the sky.

I grabbed my cheap binoculars, and took a look at this bird-raptor.

The top of the wings and shoulders were black and the bottom of the wings and the breast were white.

The wing tips were rounded with 3-4 finger like feathers sticking out.

Can any body tell what this bird-raptor was?


Hi there, I hope you don't mind, but I gave your question its own page!

I think what you saw was probably a Turkey Vulture as they are similar to the one you saw.

Perhaps one of our readers will know for sure what your mystery bird is!

Here is a link where you can see pictures - Turkey Vulture

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Sep 22, 2014
I agree
by: Anonymous

I believe what you had seen was an Osprey also.

Mar 23, 2012
What is this bird/raptor?
by: Anonymous

I don´t think you saw a Turkey Vulture because you definitely described ¨white¨ under the wings and on the belly.

Turkey vultures are pretty much black and maybe lighter black underneath.

It could have been an Osprey which is as large or larger than a Turkey Vulture and catches fish.

Go to to the link below. There is a great photo of an Osprey in flight. We now have quite a few Ospreys in Ontario.


Mary Lynn

Mar 22, 2012
Maybe an Osprey?
by: Helen

If you live near water it might be an Osprey. Turkey vultures don't have white breasts, but Ospreys do. Check out a picture of an Osprey

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