Waterloo Swans

by Karin, Dave & Sally
(Southern Ontario)

Three of our readers have sent us reports of their recent sightings of the migrating Tundra Swans.

Karin says - I live in Waterloo Ontario - there are a few Tundra Swans that settle in a flooded field off of Bloomingdale Road for a week every year. I spotted 4 there today.

Sally also says - We have about 100-200 of these Swans in the field next to our house right now. We are on Harlock Line near Londesborough, Ontario.

Dave from Mossley, tells us - March 19 2011, there are about 500 Swans behind our house - on Gladestone Drive, Mossley, Ontario.

Another reader says - March 24th 2011 at 10:00 pm we heard, then saw, Tundra Swans in the night sky.

They were flying from South to North, over the Mill Pond in Dorchester, Ontario.

Thank you all for letting us know that the Swans are on the move through this area.

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Mar 23, 2011
by: Jim

By the shore in Lake St. Clair, last week, we had hundreds, if not thousands. The ice has come down now from Lake Huron and is about 1/2 mile out. The swans have moved south to the Detroit River and Fighting Island and Grassy Island, right out from La Salle. I will try to get a picture when they return when the ice leaves. They tend to stay out in the lake. The Canada Geese tend to come to the beach.(And dump their excretment!)

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