Walking my two German shepherd dogs when...

by Adrian K.
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

This happened last night, November 3rd 2010, around 10:30pm when I was walking my two dogs around my house, which is located a few minutes outside Ottawa, Ontario.

I was near my house when my dogs suddenly stopped and started to bark aggressively. I stopped also and maybe 50 or 80 meters away I saw, what seemed to be, a Husky-looking dog, but then realized this could be a Wolf or Coyote. It started to come closer and my dogs started doing the same.

At that point I called the dogs back to me and took them back to the house quickly, while looking back to see if the animal would follow, but it just waited there laying on the ground ...

It was an unpleasant experience. I went to my car after the dogs were safe to see a closer look at this animal. I was able to chase it with my car and see that this was not a husky but a Coyote or Wolf. It was very quick.

Anyway that's my story.


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