Unknown Owl Sighting

by Robert
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)


My wife and I decided on an impromptu walk last night, just before dusk.

On the return trip, walking down Victoria Avenue between Tecumseh and Giles streets, I heard what I thought was an Owl call and we stopped to look around.

We heard the call again, with one or possibly two answers coming in from not too far away.

Then I spotted the Owl in a tangle of branches up in a bare tree.

It wasn't big - though I think it was maybe twice the size of a pigeon - it could have been bigger given the distance.

The call sounds a lot like the Eastern Screech Owl's "trill", but I couldn't upload the video here.

Needless to say the sighting really made our evening.



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Mar 07, 2017
by: Frank

Iding a species from a photo is sometimes a
challenge, however, calls are easier. Your photo does show an Owl and the size seems right for an
Eastern Screech Owl, but from your description of its call as being a trill, no other Owl makes
that sound.

May 12, 2016
Where this was
by: Anonymous

That's cool! Was this in Ontario?

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