Two Hawks maybe three

We have had two Hawks show up early morning (6:00 a.m) and early evening daily for about two weeks.

We live in Stratford, Ontario and are located very close to the city centre. Our house has some very old large trees around it which they seem to enjoy.

I also spotted another Hawk down the street with a Squirrel. Maybe this is why I have noticed a reduction in the squirrel population around our home.

Thanks for writing to tell us about your sightings - the Hawks likely are preying on the Squirrels

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Jul 10, 2012
May be vultures?
by: Jamie

Are you sure they are Hawks? Hawks are territorial and don't hang out together.... the ones you've seen in a group could possibly be Turkey Vultures.

The one you've seen with a Squirrel sounds like a Hawk though, as they hunt. Vultures don't kill anything but eat leftover carcasses. :)

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