Snowy Owls

by Dan & Sue, Gary Gaier, Angela Swan,
(Ingersoll, Leamington, Chatham, Stayner)

Snowy Owl near Ingersoll, Ontario<br> courtesy of Dan & Sue

Snowy Owl near Ingersoll, Ontario
courtesy of Dan & Sue

Dan & Sue from Ingersoll, sent us their report and beautiful picture ..... I've never seen a Snowy Owl in the wild. Today just southeast of Ingersoll, Ontario, this lady was perched beautifully for us... just an amazing sight.

Gary Gaier sent us this report ..... I sighted a male Snowy Owl perched on a telephone pole on Monday December 22, 2014 north of Leamington, Ontario, at about 2:00 in the afternoon. This was the first time I had ever seen one. It way pretty impressive. I hope to see more.

Angela Swan from Chatham wrote to say ..... It was Christmas day its 4.25 pm. I was driving a person I support from Pain court near Chatham Kent to his brothers house for Xmas dinner. I'm on Pioneer line. I watch a bird land on a hydro pole just ahead. It remains as I pass by in the daylight the bird turns its head as only an Owl can and I realize its a Snowy Owl, although no snow for Christmas 2014, but my favorite bird guiding my way on a quiet ride on a Christmas day! What a gift was bestowed upon me. I did not have a camera, but I have the memory. I thought Snowy Owl were rare for the area.

One of our readers told us ..... Today near Stayner at 2.30 pm Highway 91 and Fairgrounds Road south east corner, I observed a Snowy Owl on the ground approximately 30 meters east of Fairgrounds Road. I stopped and turned but the Owl had departed. Heading further south (1 km) on Fairgrounds Rd I saw (possibly the same) Snowy Owl in flight.

Thank you all for sending us your reports of your Snowy Owl sightings - a big thank you to Dan & Sue for the wonderful picture of the Snowy Owl on this page - it is magnificent!

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