Snowy owl Stayner Ontario

by D J Rock
(Stayner, Ontario, Canada)

My husband and I decided to drive a different way home a couple of weeks ago from Angus to Stayner, Ontario.

What a treat to find a huge Snowy Owl sat on the snow-plow banks at the side of the road - I was able to capture him on video.

I returned for a two week holiday to UK and during this time my husband was driving to work and the Owl flew for about 300 m along the road beside his car - sadly he didn't have a camera.

Today 19th March I was driving along Centre Line, Stayner, looking out for the Snowy Owl - camera on passenger seat of the car.

I was so happy to spot him sitting on top of a telegraph pole and stayed long enough for me to take a couple of photos of him. What a treat.

I wonder how long he will stay around - but he's a huge bird and beautiful to watch in flight.

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