Saw a Wolf near Kingston!

by Linda Pugh
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

We live on the eastern extremity of Kingston, and drove into Kingston, this morning, going west on Route 2 a little way past the Howe Island Ferry Road, when I spotted a lone Grey Wolf walking through a field towards the road.

He/she was close to the road and I was on the passenger side, so I got a good look at the animal.

It was apparent that he/she was going to cross the road, so we pulled over to watch and we both had a good view.

He/she was big and healthy-looking, and probably weighed about 100 pounds - too big to be a Coyote.

We often hear Coyote's at night in the summer time, making their loud yip-yipping and howling noises.

I didn't think we had wolves around here ...

There are a few cattle and sheep farms in the area where this animal was spotted.

Thanks for sending us your report of your Wolf sighting - how exciting to see it so close!

Let's hope that the abundance of wild game, will keep the domestic animals safe from Wolves.


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Jan 12, 2019
Eastern/red wolf sighting
by: Anonymous

I saw a wolf on the north side of Maclean Park off Dalgleish in Kingston Ontario this morning Saturday January 12, 2019 at 8 am. He was the size of a German Shepherd, reddish colour about 80 lbs. I have seen wolves north of Sydenham and in the Seeleys Bay Area, but never in our subdivision Greenwood Park a heavily populated area. Quite an unexpected sighting this morning.

Dec 24, 2017
Wolf Sighting
by: Anonymous

We saw The Wolf crossing Hwy 2 on December 23rd 2017 approx 12:40 pm near McLauchlin Woodworking.
Through the lazily falling snowflakes it was a surreal sight ... it reminded me of the Wolves of Wyoming Park near Old Faithful.
So majestic.
So alone.
So aloof.
And totally content as she sauntered across the pavement seemingly completely unaware of the potential harm to her existence.

Jan 26, 2014
Wolf sighting - West end Cat Woods
by: Cheryl

Amazing animal ..... too close to residential areas!

Dec 25, 2013
Wolf sighting
by: Anonymous

My daughters and I also saw a Wolf today, Christmas Eve, in our neighbor's yard eating a possible squirrel. We were not sure it was a Wolf at first but it certainly looked like one. I was researching the possibility when I found your sighting. We live in the King Pit area off Highway 2. This was a lone animal that looked healthy except for its tail, which has lost all its fur. The animal may have a disease that we have noted in Fox seen in this area. Certainly a little concerned seeing such a large animal hunting so close to homes. It did quickly run off when someone was walking nearby.

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