Run of the Coyotes

by Laura
(Georgetown, Ontario, Canada)

I too have heard the cries of the Coyotes at all times in the evenings starting around one o'clock.

Tonight and another night I am sure I heard a cry of a Wolf.

I was born in Georgetown and my sister and I use to go into the Ravine to play. At that time there was no boardwalk, just dirt.

In the 60's we never heard nor saw the Coyotes.

They had their areas, it saddens me to watch more of their woods taken up by homes.

The latest is at the other end of the Ravine. Why can we not relocate them before a problem, or someone is hurt?

I have seen one once on the outskirts of Brampton and one while approaching Oakville, I too seen the one that was killed by the side of the road while entering Georgetown.

Several times deer have been seen here also.

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