Richmond Hill large Coyote sighting in broad daylight

by Jan B.
(Richmond Hill, Ontario, Ontario)

October 16, 2012, at approximately 11:30 am, I was walking my dog and two small children in the park behind Pleasantville Public School, when the five year old called out "look, there's a deer".

I looked and there, about 30 feet away from us along the fence line ran a very large Coyote.

It was chasing a squirrel which ran up a tree.

Fortunately, it kept running away from us towards another squirrel and then right through the school playground.

I rushed the children and dog into our backyard and called the school secretary to warn them.

My dog is 35 lbs and it looked much bigger, grey brown in colour.

Very strange to see it at that time of day.

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