Ospreys In my backyard

by Lindsey McCluskey
(Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Bowmanville, Ontario, and last summer I had the pleasure to watch two Ospreys dive bomb our pond for fish, late afternoon on a summer day.

This year, today, September 14 2014, I saw the Osprey two times fly up from the creek and fly about 35 feet off the ground through my backyard over to our pond.

Right now it is the salmon run in our creek, so I would think that would be why I'm seeing them.

Either way, they are mystical and so illusive, but oh so beautiful to see in flight and in action.

What an amazing bird!!

My husband and I feel so honored to see them in our own yard :)

Yes, I agree, you are very fortunate to see these birds on your own property!

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