Observation of an osprey in flight

by Al
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

First of all I must, as a measure of a truthful disclosure to anyone who reads this, say that everything I am about to disclose is absolutely the truth.

A good friend of mine since my early teens, Paul is a very mechanically inclined guy who one day decided to buy an ultralight plane in a kit and little by little had it fully assembled and was certified to fly it shortly after.

A few months go by and Paul invites me for a test flight as up to then he'd only flown solo, so a beautiful partly sunny Sunday was in the itinerary and a beautiful wintery, wind-less horizon was so welcomed.

About 20 minutes into our adventure over mostly Essex County and Kent County, I had spotted way off in the distance, something that was either a remote controlled drone or a fixed wing aircraft as it was just hovering at the same elevation we had climbed to (approx.) 1200 ft. above sea level.

Trust me, I say we dared not attempt to get closer for a positive I.D. and maintained a safe 1/4 mile away from it.

At this point we both confirmed it to be an Osprey, and a very large one at that!

Thank you for sending us this report ... I hope you don't mind that I added a picture of an Osprey in flight.

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