Near Sassafrass Point, Cootes Paradise, Hamilton

by Brebis
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Last night about midnight (Friday March 21, 2014), I saw the biggest "Coyote" that I have ever seen.

It was about 30 yards away, walking fast southish, towards the lake, on the side of a snow-covered ridge.

I was walking the opposite way at the bottom of that ridge.

It paid no attention to me.

I did think that maybe it was a Wolf, but was not aware that Wolves were in Hamilton.

Earlier that evening, at 9 p.m., there had been the greatest amount of barking, growling, and howling, and shriek-yapping that I had ever heard from Coyotes, very close to me as I walked the ridgeline.

I've heard Coyotes up close many times, but never deep howling like that, nor the growling with it.

Then again at 12:30, as I climbed the next ridge over, the same vocalizations again.

Do you know for certain that we have wolves in Cootes?

It would be unlikely to be a Wolf, however, there are Wolf / Coyote hybrids spreading south - Coywolves, so perhaps this is what you have seen.

They can be bigger than a regular Coyote, and also they can have more wolf-like behaviour.

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Mar 26, 2014
Wolves in Southern Ontario
by: Brian

There have been many sightings of Gray Wolves in southern Ontario over the last 5 years. Any Coyote over 50 pounds will have some Gray Wolf DNA, but extremely large animals, like the one you saw, will be majority Gray Wolf or possibly 100% Gray Wolf. The Gray Wolf has a larger head in relation to its body size than a Coyote.

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