My life is a horror story

by Anonymous

I was driving in my car, listening to the radio when a dead chipmunk fell on to my windshield.

I drove to the right, stopped the car and almost crashed into a tree.

Then I heard the who-who of an Owl, followed by a different who-who and then one more. I believe there were three different Owls.

I couldn't get my seat belt undone and my crying son was in the back seat.

Two owls swooped down and grabbed the splattered chipmunk at the same time and another figure that I think was an Owl flew away.

Then the chipmunk was split in half and blood poured on my windshield, which had a wet grey feather stuck to it.

I told my son, it's alright, everything is going to be OK. At that moment, an owl came down and pecked my windshield, almost until it broke.

It flew away, and there was a fair sized dent in my windshield. I wondered if another crazy thing would happen, so I waited.

Nothing did, so I drove away.

Wow, you must have been happy to get home safely on that night!

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