Hey there from Saskatchewan!

by Jerry & Larry
(Mossbank, SK)

Hi there!

Hi there!

My buddy down the street is a hunter and fisherman from BC, who is retired now, and came and purchased a little house in Mossbank, Saskatchewan, but now he wants to sell it as a little hunting shack.

I found your site and thought I would ask you to tell your friends about it.

He really needs help to sell it as he has health problems, anyways, I volunteered to make him a video and I think I did okay.

Here it is... Hunting Cabin in Moossbank, Saskatchewan

I hope you will find it in your heart to leave this message on your guest book. THANKS!

Two old men in Mossbank, SK

Here it is - I hope your buddy finds a buyer for his cabin!

What a bargain ..... all that and a garage too, all for $6,000 folks!

What a deal!

By the way, even if you're not in the market for a cabin in Saskatchewan, this video is well worth watching for the Canadian scenery and glimpse of Canadian life - not least for the humour of Jerry and Larry!

I spent a happy ten minutes this morning over my coffee, and thoroughly enjoyed it all!

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