Hespeler Coyotes

by Jeff
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

Our home in Hespeler (Cambridge, Ontario) backs onto a deciduous forest and large marsh which is connected, via a strip of forest, to the Speed River valley.

Every night the Coyotes can be heard howling in the marsh and forest, which I would estimate is at least a 10 acre space.

Typically they are what sounds to be approximately 150 metres away, however recently we have heard them directly behind our fenceline.

I love the sound ..... a large part of the reason we bought the house was the fact that we had wildlife in our view while still in the city.

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by: Anonymous

Its great to hear stories like yours that actually enjoy the wildlife and not try to run it out. Seeing and hearing them is beautiful

I love this site!
by: Darlene

I enjoy reading about the birds and animals others see in their area. It's wonderful we have such an assortment of wildlife here in Southern Ontario.

Thanks, Darlene, I'm so glad you enjoy our website!

Check back often as we are adding more info all the time!

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