by Darryl
(Woodstock, Ontario, Canada)

We have a request for help from a reader in Woodstock, who has found a baby Robin - I found a young Robin who is unable to fly .... where can I take it in southwestern Ontario?

I have put it in a box with lint hoping that will make it warm enough to make it through the night.

Not sure what to do, any help would be great.

Hi Darryl please let us know - is the bird very small or does it have feathers already? If it is tiny and has no feathers I'm not sure what you could feed it to help it survive.

Is there a nest nearby, from which this little bird may have fallen? Or perhaps if it is an older youngster, which has feathers, but cannot yet fly, then there could be parent birds around who often continue to feed their young birds, even after they have left the nest.

I hope one or more of our readers will have some ideas of what Darryl should do with this little Robin

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Jun 27, 2010
Re: Help
by: Anonymous

I am not sure how old your post is, you might have already taken care of the robin. I had the same problem, and soon realized that the robin won't eat from us.

We took him to Midland, Ontario, where they have a wildlife center. They were the only center willing to take care of it. I call every week and he's doing great, they're releasing him in 2 weeks.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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