Dear Deer

by Ingrid
(Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

I see many of them in my yard every day, they just look at us as we leave our house ..... staring at us.

Sometimes the Momma deer will stamp her hooves as her babes romp around, being very protective of them as they play darting around our trampoline, but they were so bad last winter especially, they came right up to the house.

They eat so many bushes and shrubs, and destroy so much of our landscaping, its hard to grow any new bushes.

Two days ago we saw 2 males with antlers, head butting, we don't see the males as much.

We live in the city, but with a lot of bush around our house and no neighbours beside us, the Grand River nearby and a golf course across the road.

We have seen as many as 17 at a time, and they are quite tolerant and unafraid of us.

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