Coyotes in Ottawa, Ontario

by Meghann
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

January 27th 2012

This morning I saw a Coyote digging in a field along Terry Fox Road in Kanata's Glen Cairn community.

It was early morning, just after 7am, it's late January and the weather conditions were freezing rain.

The Coyote didn't seem bothered by all the cars going by, it seemed to be focused on whatever it was digging for.

In December I also spotted a Coyote walking along Hunt Club, a very busy road in Nepean, watching the rush hour traffic, just beside the narrow Hydro corridor field which runs through the City.

This past weekend we saw a dead Coyote along the highway 416 heading toward Spencerville.

Besids my last example, the spottings have been more common in our urban areas, in my opinion, over the past year.

Thanks for your report Meghann, there do seem to be more sightings lately, and I'm not sure why.

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