Coyotes and Wolves in the Blossom Park area

by Stephanie
(Ottawa - Gloucester)

I live in the Blossom Park development off Queensdale and Bank Street. We have seen many Coyote and Wolf sightings right behind our house along the path and the Dragon Park.

We also see them a lot in front of the house on garbage nights, every Wednesday nights.

On Tuesday April 16th around 2:30 am we could hear the Coyotes and Wolves, they were so loud and clear, sounds like they are right at your backyard.

We also see them a lot in the early mornings behind the Giant Tiger path just off Queensdale and Bank Streett or right off Lester and Albion.

I would advise people to keep a close eye on their children and keep pets close to you leashed up.

The Coyotes we see are very large and mean looking, some look to have mange.

We also been seeing a lot of Moose just off Albion - we have seen 4 in the last 2 months already!

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