Coyote sited in Hunt Club area of London

by Abe
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I spotted a single Coyote while jogging at dusk on a trail in west London.

The trail runs along the perimeter of a large field just north of the Hunt Club golf course in London, Ontario. The trail is accessible from an entrance on Staffordshire Place.

I observed the Coyote from a distance, it was 60-70 yards ahead and running across the open field towards the forest on the western side of the field. The coyote was dark brown and appeared to be the size of a large dog. I continued jogging, but boxed around the area of the forest that the coyote ran into. I didn't see the Coyote again.

I have run along the trail numerous times and have never encountered a Coyote.

The skeletal remains of two deer can be found along the trail. But there's no evidence that they were killed and/or eaten by another animal.

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