Coyote Sighting in Bolton

by Don Foreman
(Bolton, Ontario, Canada )

I saw him this morning Wednesday November 28th about 7:30am and he was completely alone.

He was in a Green Belt area which my home backs onto. He was chewing on something which could have been what was left of a rabbit as there are many rabbits in this area and we see them quite often.

We often see deer and other wild life in this area and I have seen other Coyotes here too, but none of his size.

I refer to this animal as being a male because he was so big.

I walk my dog and sometimes encounter a woman that has two female Malamutes, and this animal was bigger than her largest Malamute which she told me goes about 120 pounds.

From that I would estimate the size of this guy between 130 and 150 pounds.

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