Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird

The Catbird is a medium-sized Northern American perching bird and is named for its cat-like call.

Catbirds give the impression of being entirely slate gray, but on closer observation you will see see that these birds have a small black cap, blackish tail, and a brown patch under the tail.

It also mimics the songs of other birds, as well as those of tree frogs.

They are quite secretive, shy birds and often are heard, but seldom seen.

Ontario Catbird
I have seen several Catbirds in small trees and shrubs and they are seen frequently in vines, the edges of forests, fields, and fencerows.

Great picture, Dan Demczuk- we have some here where we live, often hear them, but don't often see them. Fabulous picture, by the way!

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Jun 28, 2019
I have Catbirds as well!
by: Smilelysquirrel

I live in Cannington, Ontario, and I have three that come every evening. They are very shy, but beautiful to look at.

Jun 16, 2018
Gray Cat Bird
by: Juniper

This summer I have Gray Cat Birds coming to my jelly feeder. Never had them before but they are definitely staying around. I live just outside of Owen Sound, Ontario.

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