Can someone identify this Hawk?

by C. Babington
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This beautiful bird has been hanging around Osgoode in downtown Toronto this past week, right outside where the 'smokers' take their break.

It is quite close and seems very comfortable around humans, mind you there is not a fat squirrel or pigeon to be found when this visitor is relaxing with us.

We do not know what this handsome devil is.

Could someone please help us?

Thank you.

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Mar 28, 2017
Not a Red-tailed Hawk
by: Frank

I have to disagree with the submitted ID for your
photo. That massive, flat head, feathering around the base of the legs, gray tones along back and baring of tail. No sign of red at all. The whole body shape is not that of a Red-tailed Hawk. What you have there is a 1st year, light morph, Rough-legged Hawk. Summers for this species are spent in the far north. Granted both the Rough-legged and the Red-tailed are members of the same Hawk family, which are, "Buetos."
When hunting, they tend to hover over their prey before dropping down.
Nice find.

Dec 02, 2016
Enormous Hawk
by: Anonymous

We have a guy like this who is active and more than visible now that the leaves are off the trees. Just spectacular! Only it's hard to believe it's a juvenile as its MASSIVE. About the size of an enormous Owl plus more . but it looks just like the picture. True to hawk eyes ..we can't even walk down the hall toward the window to get a pic and he's gone. It's been sitting close to our home on the fence and trees. Such a treat! We are in Hamilton/Dundas area of Ontario. Hopefully the poachers and hunters that keep taking the deer down illegally in the region, don't decide it's okay to practice on large birds of prey too. Lets work together to keep our birds of prey and other furry friends (as well as human residents) SAFE.

Jun 04, 2016
Red Tailed Hawk
by: C. Babington

Thanks so much. This guy hung around till well into December!

May 16, 2016
Hawk I.D.
by: Anonymous

Hi there. This is a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk. You're very lucky to get such an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing. :)

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