Bold Coyote

by Peter Galsworthy
(London, Ontario, Canada)

This Coyote was bold. I saw it in my backyard in London, about 6pm on a June day in 2011.

At first I thought it might be a Fox, but its long legs and white face were more Coyote-like.

My backyard is unfenced and abuts the A. L. Furano Park in London, Ontario, close to the Medway Creek. I went out the back door and into the park to see if I could get a better look.

I walked softly and got to about 600 feet from the animal. I stopped and froze. The Coyote was at the edge of the park adjacent to some brush and trees looking as if it was hunting for prey.

It turned and looked at me. We must have stared at each other for about three minutes before it ran off into the bushes.

I found the mutual staring to be very primal and a bit unsettling.

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