Bird sighting at West Lions Park

by Rachel
(London, Ontario, Canada)

While watching my brother's baseball practice yesterday, a large bird, definitely a raptor of some sort, flew over the park.

It was a fairly heavy bird, as its wings created more of an M shape over it's body than a straight line tip-through-body-through-tip.

It appeared to be mostly brown/black with a fair bit of white plumage and flew mainly in straight lines from treeline to treeline (rarely circling over any area the way hawks do).

We've heard of osprey sightings in the area. Could this be what it was?

I'm not sure what you saw, but perhaps one of our readers will know .....

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Jul 23, 2017
Hope this helps.
by: Anonymous

I agree I am fairly certain by the m shape and the white coloring that what you saw was an Osprey...beautiful birds.

Nov 09, 2014
by: D

Hi Rachel - by your description on the "M" shaped wings and the color pattern, I am 100% sure that an Osprey is what you saw.

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