Baby Robin "Little Freddie" fell but he's ok!

(Orangeville, Ontario)

We found a little baby bird on the lawn under our French Lilac tree, my husband carefully put him in a small plastic planter that had soil, but no plants, then he set it up in the tree.

Within 20 minutes he was gone, we saw the Robin near by so he had been rescued. Then we found a second little baby Robin in the same area under the tree.

We saw a nest really high up, so again we put this little robin, I call Freddie, in the planter up in the tree, this time, we've seen the mom or father Robin come feed him, but he's still there.

We called the Humane Society they said to keep an eye on him, from a distance and call them if he's still there in the morning. We've heard the Robins so I'm hoping he'll be back with Mom by morning.

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