Wolf slipped and fell on the road in front of my car

by Ken
(Welland, Ontario, Canada )

I was traveling from Welland to Sudbury with my teenage son on March 4th 2011. We were about an hour and a half south of Sudbury on highway 69 when a reasonably large Grey Wolf came troting across the road in front of the car.

There was enough time for it to cross the road so I just started to slow down but did not think it was necessary to brake hard.

The wolf got to the yellow line and changed it's mind. It turned and tried to run back the way it had came but lost it's footing and fell right in the path of my car.

I realized when it turned that I now had to brake hard to avoid hitting it. Luckily the pavement was dry and I was able to get slowed down enough for the wolf to regain it's footing and get out of the way.

It was one of those moments you really wish you had been video taping at the time so it could have been caught on tape.

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