Wolf Sighting Waterdown Road

One of our readers sent us this report of her wild-life sighting - On Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 at about 2:30 pm, my husband and I were driving north along Waterdown Road in Burlington, Ontario.

As we passed Flatt Road, there is an open field, and I first thought it was a big dog, but when I looked again, I realized it was a Wolf.

It approached Waterdown Road with its head down and ran across Waterdown Road behind our car, into ravine on the other side.

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May 14, 2011
I saw one near there in 2009
by: Kelly

One winter night, driving on the north service road by King Road, I saw one standing over it's mate who had been hit by a car.

This was a couple of years ago but it was quite a sight.

Although it was dark I could see it from a way off, it was large and beautiful.

I was sorry to see it's mate hit by a car and I wish I had stopped and watched it for a while.

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