Windsor Possum

by One of our Readers
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Possum on a lawn

Possum on a lawn


I just saw the cutest Possum hobble across the lawn and head toward my neighbours house.

It is really sweet but stopped on the side of the road, and was smart enough to keep going when a car went by.

We haven't seen one here for a while because this horrible woman named Alice lived across the street. She somehow managed to catch one and put it into a plastic bag (alive) and the miserable **** threw it into the Detroit River.

I didn't hear this story until months later after she moved away, but had I known I would have contacted the Humane Society.

I am happy to have one back in our neighbourhood. I have a cat, but from what I have read, cats are not their food of choice so I am guess she is safe.

Thank you!

Thanks for sending us your report - I hope your local Possums will find safety in your neighbourhood.

I found a picture of a Possum on a lawn!

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy this.

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Nov 11, 2017
by: Anonymous

And they are one of the few critters that eat tics!! Love these guys!

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