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November 2011 - Whitby, Ontario - Coyotes at Rossland Road/ Cochrane Street area

Coyotes, I believe are in the Rossland Rd / Cochrane Street area, more specifically Ironwood Court and Littleleaf.

Two cats have gone missing (ours one of them) in the past 2 weeks.

Residents, please take care not to
allow smaller pets out at night.

Coyotes have not attacked children but still, Palmerston Ave is close. Those in the area please be aware of this possibility and take precautions. It gets darker earlier and I worry about younger children playing at night.

I gleaned this comment from another posting respecting coyotes in the Whitby area:

"Residents are reminded to be vigilant with their safety and the safety of their pets. If you encounter a coyote do not turn your back or run away. Remain calm and back away slowly. If you are out walking in the evening or early morning, bring a whistle or other device to scare away any approaching animal. Always walk dogs on a leash and try to keep cats inside."

For more information on coyotes, contact the Ministry of Natural Resources Office at 905-713-7400, or your local animal services office.

If you feel a Coyote is posing an immediate threat or danger to public safety, call 911."

Thank you for sending this reminder to all, to be cautious and careful when there are wild animals in your neighbourhood.

I also moved this from our "comments" area, to this place where many more people will see it.

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