What did I see?

by Cathy
(Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)

Was it a Fisher?

A fast-moving animal, high in our willow tree was dropping willow bits at a great rate.

We live on a ravine in Etobicoke (Toronto). It had a long, bushy tail,was coloured a mottled brown, had distinct rounded ears, a raised rump and moved like a squirrel, but faster.

It was beady eyed, it's snout was longer than a Beaver's but shorter than a Possums.

It was bigger than a squirrel.

What did I see?

Wow, I have no idea what this could be, but maybe one of our readers will be able to identify this animal for you!

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Jan 08, 2015
I've seen it too I think
by: Anonymous

Was it in the Etobicoke Creek? I was walking on the trail there this last summer and spotted an animal just as you described. It was very fast and headed straight for the water as soon as it saw me. Definitely wasn't a Beaver and significantly larger than a Squirrel.

Oct 28, 2014
Creature in Etobicoke
by: Daniel

Hello Cathy, I enjoyed reading about your encounter and from the description you gave by the rounded ears and color, I'm fairly certain it was a Fisher you observed. What a wonderful sighting it must have been for you as I have had the pleasure seeing one or two in my lifetime. Beautiful animals.

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