Waubuno Coyotes

by Wendy
(Dorchester, Ontario)

We have about 4 Coyotes living in the farmer's fields around our small little town of Waubuno, which is about a kilometer east of London, Ontario (Catherine St).

They seem to be getting more daring in their travels as we have started to see them during the day time now. Before I would only see their tracks in the snow .....

I can always tell when they are out there because my Bernese Mountain dogs start barking up a storm at them, along with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Last year we removed our 4 foot fence around the yard and put up a 5 foot fence, but I am beginning to think we should have got a 6 foot fence instead, because I have seen them very easily clear the the farmer fence with no effort at all.

I am now careful not let my cat out at all because I heard that the neighbour up the road lost the Shih tzu to the Coyotes last year.

I also foster dogs for a rescue group, so I always make sure my big dogs go out with the little dogs now, hoping that they will keep the Coyotes away.

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