Wandering in the middle of the day

by Norm Wilson
(Wroxeter, Ontario, Canada)

We live in the small town of Wroxeter, Ontario, which is about 15 minutes west of Listowel.

I have lived in this area for the last year and a half and have never seen a coyote until yesterday (I previously lived outside Guelph and have heard them almost every night).

We were driving home from grocery shopping in Listowel yesterday, February 2nd. about 3 pm and came upon what I thought was a dog walking down the middle of the road in front of us.

As we approached this animal it continued to "trot" along the middle of the road. I slowed the vehicle down as we got close and I knew for certain it wasn't a dog. It was a small coyote.

We got within 15 feet of it when I noticed it seemed to have been in a fight since it's hind leg was injured. It looked all red and like the flesh had been bitten.

It continued on walking in the middle of the road in the opposite direction as us.

My only regret was that I didn't take a picture of it.

It was along Gough Rd between Quarry Line and Church street just outside Wroxeter.

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