Vulture in Brampton

by Greg Shepard
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I awoke to the sun shining and sleep still in my eyes, decided to step outside (7:30am)and noticed a Robin singing for a mate, and one appeared right before my eyes.

As I watched to see what may transpire, a beautiful black bodied red headed Vulture appeared in my view and headed my way.

I was so transfixed, I froze in awe as it passed me by. I looked around to see if anyone else was around to see or share such a magical moment in life that one gets now and then.

I'm sure someone else did, just not around me.

No luck getting pics.

Yes, Turkey Vultures are magnificent!

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Jul 31, 2016
Vodden and Williams Parkway.
by: Anonymous

Hi, dropping my wife at school. Coming from the rooftop was a Vulture ready to eat some recent road kill. I didn't know they were in Ontario. Shock!

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