Various Ontario Possum sightings

by Carol, Steve and various readers
(London, Woodstock, Windsor, Coldwater, Scarborough, Leamington)


Carol from London, Ontario, recently wrote to tell us about when she spotted a Possum ..... I awoke this morning at 6:00 am, it is still dark outside and I turned on our outside light in the back yard, there he was, munching on our bird seed, he is quite large in size and as the light got brighter he left and I believe went into the neighbors open shed! I don't want my little dog and the possum to meet!

From Woodstock, a reader wrote to tell us of their sighting ..... Watched two Possums this morning from my balcony in Woodstock, Ontario. Quite interesting as I did not know they existed here.

A reader from Windsor, Ontario, recently wrote to tell us ..... I caught one in a live trap in my back yard. This is the second one trapped and released in a Conservation Area, a few miles from my house. This is a residential neighbourhood in Windsor, Ontario. My house is several blocks from a wooded area in a city park.

Steve Bell wrote to say ..... This Possum is located in Coldwater, Ontario, farthest north I have seen or read about their northern trek. They found the perfect possum house. I was clearing some trees in my back yard and working around an old maple stump. This stump was about 4 feet high and two foot diameter. At the top of the stump had a split in it and as I looked in to see if anything was in the stump, something was looking back. I went and got a flashlight and discovered a possum looking back. It looked real cozy.

A reader from Rouge Park, Scarborough, Ontario, wrote to say ..... This morning at 5:15, my Yorkie and I came across the most unusual animal I have ever seen! It sat on my fence, motionless in my backyard and stared at us. I thought perhaps it was some strange monkey that had escaped from the zoo but it never moved. It was small, maybe just 8 inches in body length and had a long, rat-like tail and ears that looked like a cat's. I think I've seen my first live Possum! I had no idea they were in this area, but my daughter says she has seen a dead one on the side of the road close to here.

A reader from Leamington wrote to say ..... My neighbour informed me this morning that my cat and a Possum went toe to toe on their back deck last night, it ended in a draw, my cat is really a chicken. Ha ha!


Dear readers, I hope you don't mind that I combined your Possum Sighting reports! We, here at Discover Southern Ontario, have over a hundred animal sighting reports to publish, and it simplifies things when we can combine them in this way.

Thank you all for sending your reports!

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Aug 13, 2016
Woodstock sighting
by: Glen

First night I heard some kind of animal scraping the outside of our back fence. This was around 4:30 am. The dog was outside and he was going crazy following wherever the scraping sounded. Last night I was on the deck after work around 1:30 am. An animal wandered around my shed into plain view in the backyard. It had a bright white head with big black eyes. It's tail was long like a rat. It ran like a ferret. It exited my yard by going under the fence. I have never seen an animal that looked like this. I think it was a Possum or some sort of Weasel. This was near Devonshire Ave and Falcon Dr, Woodstock.

Dec 29, 2013
Possum sighting at Christmas
by: Anonymous

Dec.26, 2013 Kitchener-Waterloo
We saw a possum over the holidays since our daughter visited from Sweden since 2008. We live in the downtown area and usually only see one this time of the year, though in the summer one was in the blue box on our deck.
I was so surprised this morning I did not take a photo. Somehow it got a snack and ate it in front of our two cats, who stayed inside.
Do not know how this one survived the cold through December.

Dec 02, 2013
Thornhill Possum
by: Leslie

My husband saw one of these critters here in Thornhill, near our home about a mile north of Steeles between Bayview and Yonge. There are many ravines and wooded areas in the area and he was just ambling along.

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