Unionville Possum

by Pat McDowell
(Unionville, Ontario, Canada)


Last night I left some food out for a stray cat we have 'adopted'.

A while later I heard the bowl clinking and found a Possum enjoying the last bits of food.

He didn't seem to be bothered by me - he just took a quick look and continued on with his business.

With the cold weather coming, I hope he/she is going to be okay.

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Oct 12, 2013
Nice Picture
by: Leonhard

I hope that the possum comes good through the winter. There are so many interesting animals in Canada - during our visit (we are from Germany), we have seen among other groundhogs (in Heritage Village / London) ...

Oct 11, 2013
by: Alexis

I'm right next door in Markham and I'm sure the opossum will be just fine.

I see them year round in my yard along with raccoons and skunks eating wild bird seed that's dropped on the ground.

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