Turkey Vulture at Hollinger

by Rodelio Mico
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada )

After our church service yesterday, we usually hang out for music and band practice, I always have my camera to take shots of our activities.

At around 5:00 pm while we were taking a break outside the church, we saw a bird across the road and we thought it was a raven.

I said "That was to big too be a Raven", so I took a closer look since I'm holding my DSLR with a 300 mm zoom lens.

It was an unusual to me for it's my first time to see a bird like this, my first impression is that this bird might be a Condor or a Vulture, so I started searching thru the internet and stumbled onto your website.

Yes, this is a Turkey Vulture!

Thank you for sending us these pictures and your report!

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