Three Turkey Vulture Sightings

by Three of our Readers
(Toronto, Hamilton, York Region)

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

A reader from Toronto wrote to say ... Turkey Vulture spotted June 11, 6:00pm. On its own. Seemed to be targeting something out of my sight, but was being chased away by smaller birds. Eventually fled as the flock of smaller birds drove it off.

Another reader said ... I spotted 8-10 Turkey Vultures on May 8th sitting on a tree and moving to another tree back and forth. It was around 2 pm in the forest behind the Cathedral of Christ the King Church in Hamilton, Ontario. The red face and wingspan was truly amazing.

Sean N from Aurora, Ontario, wrote to say ... What appeared to be a three foot tall Turkey Vulture on Dufferin Street (at Wellington), while cycling at dusk. It was eating what looked like a groundhog or small beaver. It looked like a small child standing in the middle of the road, until I came up upon it. It then flew away with the carcass and almost knocked me off my road bike in the process. Incredible close encounter! I had no idea they were that tall!

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