Three Sightings

by Christina
(Phillipsburg, Waterloo & Newcastle, Ontario)

From various communities across Southern Ontario, we have received various reports of Coyote sightings.

The first is from Christina who says .... We didn't see them in the dark, but heard them howling about 500 meters away, here in Phillipsburg, Ontario, on a farm.

And another reader tells us .... My wife and I have a 42 acre farm in West Grey south of Owen Sound, we often see one lone Coyote wandering throughout the property, which is mainly all natural, forest, streams and valleys. I'm not sure if it is the same Coyote or a different one as I hear that they often travel alone. We enjoy our property very much and the natural wildlife environment. All of our property is protected, with much of the land zoned as Conservation through the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and No hunting is allowed.

And Arlene, from Newcastle, Ontario, says .... This morning, June 22/11, a young Coyote started to cross the street in front of our vehicle at approx 8:45 a.m. We live at Wilmot Creek adult community in Newcastle, Ontario, and were travelling on Wilmot Creek Road, just inside our entry gate. We slowed the vehicle and the Coyote turned and went back to the side of the road and stayed there until we were out of sight.

Thank you all for your submissions - I had to combine them. I'm sure our readers will enjoy your information!

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