Three Coyotes or Coydogs in Brampton Heart Lake Area

by John H
(Brampton, Ontario)

My son was walking our dog who is about the size of a German Shepherd about 8:00pm on the pathway that goes around the ponds south of Sandalwood Parkway west of Heart Lake Rd in north Brampton on Nov 30 2011.

He was under a street lamp and heard a rustling sound in the bushes and when he turned around there were three Coyotes about 10 feet away.

They had been stalking as a pack.

One of them tried to circle around but he moved our dog away and left the area.

He said they were about the size of our dog so we are wondering if these could be Coydogs?

Thanks for sending us this report, for those who may not know, a Coydog is the name given to the offspring of a Male Coyote, and a female domestic dog.

There is also a Dogote which is the name given to the offspring of a Male domestic dog and a female Coyote

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