Thornhill Possums

by Paul
(Thornhill, Ontario, Canada)


We back onto a Conservation Area near Bayview/Steeles.

Our Possum, Pogo (thanks, Walt), has been a regular visitor for a couple of months.

He/she is still a bit leery, but,coming around nicely, and growing larger.

It (neutral personal pronoun), and our two feral cats, Thomas and Skitty, are accepting this reality.

The latter two are graduates of our domestic cat (Pussy)'s "School For Protecting Birds".

She is still accepting student cats who want to learn that protecting the bird-feeder and getting a Meow Mix reward makes more sense than an all-poultry diet.

The Raccoons I am not sure about. They are family for generations and have never damaged anything, though we have a wooden house.

I knew their great-grandparents ... "Lore", I think it's called.

So, will Pogo fit in ? I think so.

Thanks for writing to tell us about Pogo, Pussy and their friends & family - we'd love to see a picture if you have one!

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