by Tanya
(St Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

July 17,2013. I was taking my chihuahua for a walk at 11:00 tonight in north end St Catharines, Ontario.

We were walking down the sidewalk on Willcher Drive, and we get by the new subdivision and all of a sudden this Coyote came out of the bush and peered at us.

I immediately crossed the road, scared out of my wits, heart racing, shaking and keeping on looking back only to find out he was following us.

I stopped dead in my tracks, picked my dog up and froze, too scared to move or walk back home. I actually flagged down a car, told them what was going on and they were kind enough to drive me to the end of the street.

As i was talking to them, the coyote went up on top of the hill or mound of dirt and just sat there staring at us.

It was a very nerve wracking walk.

I will never walk down that street after dark again!!!! It looks just like the one in the video on this page.

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