Swans between Tillsonburg and Ingersoll

by Elsie B
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Swans in field, between Tillsonburg & Ingersoll

Swans in field, between Tillsonburg & Ingersoll

While driving from Tillsonburg to Ingersoll last week, I saw about 100 Tundra Swans in a field, to the left of the highway, near Daniel Road.

They were resting and feeding on left-over grain in the field.

I don't know how long they stayed there or if they are still there, but it is likely they are some of the individuals that rest at Long Point or Aylmer each Spring.

I always take my family to the Wildlife Viewing Area on Hacienda Road in Aylmer at this time of year to see the Swans, so it was a treat to see so many of them.

I hope these beautiful birds continue to grace us with their Spring-time visits, they are amazing to watch.

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