Surprise Visitor - Bothwell, Ontario

by Samm
(Bothwell, Ontario)

Pouncing Coyote

Pouncing Coyote

Today, June 3rd 2010 - Roughly about an hour ago at 6:30PM I saw a Coyote when I was cutting my yard - a rural lot near Bothwell, Ontario.

I was on the rider and turned to see a Coyote following behind me - around 50 feet - and walking on the path of already cut grass.

Needless to say, my surprise visitor got a prompt scream from myself before he/she ran into our bush.

We are surrounded by trees and fields, I believe the little guy was passing through - as we've heard yipping on previous occasions. What a surprise, though!

Wow, I'm sure you were surprised! We have had something similar happen with Foxes when we were cutting the grass with a riding mower.

My husband said that the fox was waiting to pounce on the mice which had been disturbed by the lawn mower!

I also found a picture of a Coyote pouncing on a mouse in Grand Teton National Park.

Picture on this page is shown with permission of iStockphoto and RoseMaryBush

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