Sunday Afternoon

by Chuck
(Hampton, Ontario)

Yes, I was driving along the country road that I live along about, 14:00 hrs.

I looked over at the cows under some trees when I saw movement, and there the coyote was. Slowly making his way, closer but, with great caution in the direction of the cows. There were adults and very young ones.

The adult cows were in a stance, covering every direction around them. I honked the truck horn, the coyote just looked at me.

But, as soon as he heard my voice yelling for him to get lost, he ran. Zig zag I guess in case I had some thing to shoot at him. I did not.

They have also been close to my house. 22:00 hours, 0:1:00, 0:3:00 and even 0:5:00.

They do have different yelps. I know they are close as, it seems I am in the center of a west and an east valley. I believe is their highway to the north and south.

Here you have it! Thanks, Chuck.

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