Stealthy and Sleek Scugog Coyote

by Barbara Kerel
(Scugog, Ontario, Canada)

My husband and I just recently moved to Scugog Island on the reserve here in Ontario. We were warned by neighbours to watch out for Coyotes and Wolves and not to leave our little ones outside unattended.

Apparently there is an abundance of these beautiful animals around our home and rumours are they are half breeds (part coyote and part wolf).

Until this morning I had never ever seen a live Coyote, other than at a zoo.

This morning around 11:30 am I just happened to be in my kitchen and looked out to the back, through my garden doors and there it was! Right by the back deck on a path that a neighbour has plowed for us, so our kids can travel back and forth to each others homes.

This Coyote was long and sleek, greyish in colour and very stealthy and prancy like. I yelled to my son to come and see, and the Coyote turned his head in my direction and just stared!

The Coyote then proceeded along the path with a tippy-toe prance and ventured off slowly into the woods beside our home.

At first I thought I was seeing things and then I thought it was a Wolf but my son assured me it was too small for a wolf and it was definitely a Coyote!

I was so mesmerized by it's stealth and beauty, I found it so magical just watching the Coyote and the snow falling all around ... very enchanting!

Thank you Barbara, for such a charming report of your Coyote sighting - how wonderful for you to see such a thing!

You are right, some of the "Coyotes" seen may be a Wolf/Coyote hybrid, as I hear that the Red Wolf and Grey Wolf can inter-breed with the Coyote - so who knows, that may be what there is in your area.

You may find this article interesting - Scientific American

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